Giulia Fonti was born in Lugano (Southern Switzerland) and lives since 2004 near the Italian border in the small and beautiful village of Arzo.

She attended the Lugano Art School and continued her studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino, Italy.
During her stay at the studio of the Austrian artist Edmund Pielmann, she was fascinated by figurative art as his model as well as disciple.

She also attended the Milan School for Professional Stage Make-up (cinema/photography/theatre) where she collaborated with both theatre and modern dance groups and was actively involved in the manufacturing of theatrical costumes and scenographies.

The Ratti Foundation in Como provided a master seminar for artistic drawing under the special guidance of Georg Baselitz and Arnulf Reiner. She finished her studies with honors.

During a stay in Andalusia she enthusiastically took on Flamenco dance. She was deeply impressed by the very special musical and physical expression of the dancers, so that the colors and the atmosphere very strongly influenced her. The resulting exhibition of these paintings was shown at the Art Academy San Lucar de Barrameda.

Giulia Fonti has exhibited her artwork in several private and public collections in Switzerland and abroad.



Giulia’s artwork touches the most inner life so that secret thoughts and mental processes may surface.
Her art is clear and explicitly sensual, bold and provocative at the same time, but there is still a touch of purity in her work, a sort of inborn chastity: our thoughts and impressions which not yet clearly appear and are still hidden in our soul, represent our very own essence arising suddenly when natural and affective impulses are touched.

The character of an artist is mirrored in his art. Personality and taste are put together with spirituality giving way to particular vibrations.

So, who would buy Giulia’s works? Those who find themselves represented in her inspirations, which are never trivial, restrictive or hindering. Once more: Thoughts are free …

Giulia Fonti is a gifted and versatile free design artist who liberates her work from all kinds of restrictions.
Yes, thoughts are free.